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Shelly Carbone

Master stylist of 14 years, Shelly Carbone approaches hair holistically.  Her first priority is hair health.  By staying on top of products that provide enrichment to natural beauty and optimal hair health, Shelly is able to treat each client based on their individual needs, both in hair and aesthetic.   She wants to make sure the best version of you shines brightly at all times.  


Shelly also understands that the environment people choose is of high importance.  That is what drove her to open this salon!  From being in her chair to working alongside of her, Shelly ensures that everyone feels safe, heard and appreciated.  As a bonus- you're guaranteed a good time! 

A few extra things to know about Shelly starts with her love for dancing.  From salsa to juke, she lives for that dance floor.  She also enjoys chocolate ice cream, community, and fixing the "unfixable" haircut your loving sister thought she could do for you!


Kemberly Vega

Master stylist of 10 years, Kemberly Vega’s favorite part about her career is seeing the transformation of her clients through cuts, color and styling. She values making sure everyone who comes to her with an identity crisis or a need of drastic change leaves with a brand new look to love.  She also takes great pride in detailed, perfect fades!


When she's not transforming people into their best version of themselves, Kemberly can be found boating with her family, three frenchies, and any other frenchie that wants to love her back.  Her family is of utmost importance to her, and she views her salon team as extended family.


Mary O'Connor McKane

Master stylist of 8 years, Mary O’Connor McKane specializes in bringing her clients’ unique individuality to the forefront by way of their hair.  She does so by really connecting and getting to know each person, so their personalities come out in their style.  She builds trust with clients by keeping it real with them and making sure they feel 100% comfortable in their own hair.


When she's not helping her clients build confidence and beauty, she's keeping busy as a mama  hanging out with her kiddo and cat, Jenny.  She has a real sweet tooth, which happens to be the way to her heart.

Jill Hundrieser

 Jill does hair with her heart.  She loves making people feel beautiful and she believes when you look good, you feel good.  Giving each client her all, it is truly Jill's creative outlet.  Growing up her grandmother was also a stylist and she believes it's just in her blood.  "With the right hair someone's life could change" she says. 

As a Libra, Jill believes it to be true that they really are known for loving all things aesthetically pleasing.  The girl has good taste!  She also has a Bachelor's degree in marketing, loves every topping known to a taco, and has had many jobs. You name it, she's done it!  

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